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Therapy Services

Hannah specializes in working with children and adolescents to assist them with speech sound/articulation delays, language delays, executive function deficits, and working with Autistic clients. Her therapy services are rooted in social-emotional treatment and she prioritizes building strong relationships with families. She also specializes in Parkinson's voice therapy and gender non-conforming/affirming voice therapy.

Therapy is offered in homes, daycares, and dynamic settings like museums and parks. Teletherapy is also an option. 

Hannah is currently providing services in Durham, Orange, Chatham, and Alamance counties. 

Speech Sound

Speech sound disorders often involve articulation or phonological processing delays. Children often substitute sounds as they develop their speech, but speech sound therapy is important if errors continue as children get older or your child is not easily understood. Speech sound therapy focuses on teaching children how to correctly produce sounds.


Expressive & Receptive Language

Expressive language is how we communicate our wants, needs, feelings, and thoughts. Receptive language is how we process and receive language. Language therapy helps children effectively express themselves and understand others. 


Voice Treatment

Hannah is a certified SPEAK OUT!® provider. This program is backed by research to help promote and maintain speech for Parkinson's patients. She also provides voice therapy to help non-binary and trans youth and adults develop vocal expression that is aligned with individual identities. Therapy includes modifying pitch in a healthy and sustainable way. 


Gestalt Language Processing

Many Autistic and neurodiverse clients develop language through scripted speech and gestalt language development. Hannah works with children to help them build and expand their gestalt language and expressive communication. 


Executive Function

Hannah provides therapy to help improve executive function skills at any age. Therapy focuses on planning skills, attention & memory, and how to juggle multiple tasks successfully.

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